Re: Disabling everything except virus scanning?

From: Andrew (
Date: Tue 22 Oct 2002 - 06:41:59 GMT

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    I can't help you with `turning everything off' but I have found
    that attaching the log file causes people to become paranoid and
    blame anomy for all manner of mail problems (e.g. ``I received a
    blank e-mail from someone I know - what did your system do to
    it?'' ... and ``we can't open the viruses that we get sent''
    ... and ``I received a .pdf file and now I can't open it'').

    I tend to install anomy so that it does not say anything about
    its work ... I would happily leave out the headers too ...
            bin/ "feat_log_inline = 0"

    I would prefer to log to a file, but logging inline is socially


    At 5:47pm Yesterday Tim Bergen wrote:

    > Hi all,
    > I was wondering if there was a way using anomy's configuration
    > file feat=0 for all the features of Anomy except for virus
    > scanning?
    > I ask this because Anomy still has one of the best hooks for
    > virus scanning, but, due to complaints, I've been asked to turn
    > everything else off.

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