Anomy with Spam Assassin and Courier Maildrop under Postfix

From: Robin Whittle (
Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 10:02:38 GMT

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    Dear Anomy people,

    Thanks for your program!

    I have documented how I run Spam Assassin and then Anomy Sanitizer on
    the emails which are not filtered out as part of my extensive mailing
    list (26 or so) filtering using Courier Maildrop.

    Its nice and easy to do this.

    I now run:

      Red Hat 7.2
      Courier Maildrop, with my mods for delivering to a mailbox
      tagged for deletion, and with [XYZ] Subject prefixes - and now
      with calling Spam Assassin and Anomy Sanitizer.

      Courier IMAPD.

      Postman Web mail.

    My site documents all this and lists a lot of open-source web mail

    Its the early hours of operation at present, but it is going well. I
    think this is much simpler and better than the approach for running
    Spam Assassin and Anomy Sanitizer from a script which runs as part of
    Postfix's smtp command, as documented at:

    With this, in order to make it stop filtering outgoing mail, they
    suggest running two instances of Postfix and making one of them not
    filter, and accept local client's outgoing messages on a separate IP
    address. But it is this page which got me started.


         - Robin

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