Re: Troubles with macro scanner on FreeBSD

From: Szűcs János (
Date: Mon 14 Oct 2002 - 03:33:42 GMT

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    Hi Bjarni,

    Browsing through this whole mailing list, I found that there was an older
    thread (, where
    someone else seemed to have exactly the same problem with the MacroScanner as
    I have now. You promised him an answer, which he never seemed to get.
    He too used an other operating system other than Linux.
    So, please give me (us) just a hint what can cause Anomy to return an exit
    code of -9999 when using the MacroScanner on operating systems other than
    Linux. (Meanwhile I am naturally trying to find it out, but it seems to be
    hard without any previous perl knowledge).

    Finally, I have a note for the use of this mailing list:
    I use Opera and somehow I cannot post a reply to any threads. When I try, I
    get the following error message:
    'Not Found
    The requested URL /senda.cgi was not found on this server.'
    It is quite annoying, and that is why this message is posted as a new thread.
    Is it due to a bug or misconfig of opera?

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