Troubles with MacroScanner on FreeBSD

From: Szűcs János (
Date: Fri 11 Oct 2002 - 04:56:42 GMT

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    I use Anomy 1.55 on three machines: a Linux one (home), and two FreeBSD
    4.4-stable ones (production).
    On the Linux one everything is OK.

    However, on the FreeBSD machines the built-in macro scanner does not work:
    - either I get an 'Unknown exit code: -9999' error (this is an 'old' error
    present on one of the FreeBSD machines with Anomy 1.49 and Anomy 1.55, too),
    - or a false message 'the file was infected and could not be cleaned' or
    something like that, and all doc attachments land in the quarantine. (This
    latter error only happens on the other FreeBSD server, where Anomy 1.55 is
    freshly installed)

    Sometimes (but not always) I had similar errors when I used an external virus
    scanner instead of the built-in macro scanner.

    All in all, I could never install Anomy on FreeBSD so that all of its
    functions work correctly. Especially this Macro Scanner problem is annoying.
    While there was never any problem when installing Anomy on Linux.

    I already checked that
    - the Perl versions are OK.
    - the required extra perl modules (IO::File, etc.) are installed.
    - Bash is the shell of all users concerned.
    - checked the path of (I hope) all external programs (lynx, sed, bash,
    false). By the way: could the path specifications of external programs be
    kept in one place? Say, they could be included in sanitizer.cfg or at the
    beginning of Then noone should hount down the whole bunch of
    Anomy modules for extenal program references.
    - when I include perl -w and use diagnostics in the Anomy modules concerned,
    I never get any extra error messages.

    Are there maybe perl modules which are required, but not mentioned in the
    documentation (possibly not, since I should get the corresponding error
    messages from perl then)?
    Is there anything that makes Anomy platform specific?
    What can cause the above false messages when using the MacroScanner?

    Thank you in advance.

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