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Date: Wed 09 Oct 2002 - 16:18:04 GMT

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    Marco sent me the follwoing update to his previous message - Thanks Marco!

    Note that the dependancy/installation problems he described were
    addressed in release 1.55 of the Sanitizer, which I just announced a
    couple of minutes ago. :-)

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    Subject: Sanitizer
    Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 18:07:00 +0200
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    yesterday I reported a problem with some files passing through my mail filter.

    I managed to a solution and I am reporting you because it could be useful for others.

    1) Some broken MIME messages generated by nessus now are correctly removed due to (I think) the upgrade of the perl module MIME::Base64

    2) I had some problems installing and using the latest version because the requirements showed this 2 modules:
    but I discovered that for my system the dependecies where:
    because in LW was used

    I really appreciate Anomy Sanitizer and really thank you for your work.

    Best regards, Marco.

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