bad attachments not sanitized

From: Marco Colnaghi (
Date: Mon 07 Oct 2002 - 14:27:33 GMT

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    I thank a lot alla people working on this project.
    I'm really sorry because I don't know perl programming language, so to contribute in the solution for the problem I'm reporting.

    I had a server security scan with a program named nessus and that tool demostrated that my server (on what I am using anomy sanitizer 1.54) is not protected against 1 kind of nessus mail test:

    "Nessus antivirus test 4: broken MIME attachment (ISO encoding)"
    This mail test consists in a mail message with an attachment called "" wich simply was not recognized in the file extension test I do with my Anomy Sanitizer.

    I can only think it's because the MIME was deliberately created in a bad way.

    I hope this will be useful to someone.

    Thanks, Marco.


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