RE: New Virus random names in attachments

Date: Mon 07 Oct 2002 - 03:04:14 GMT

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    Hi there.

    Outlook perhaps wont execute that, but, what's the point for the virus
    creator in seding these files if they're harmless?

    This reminds me of a joke, where the virus writer is asking the readers to
    manually detect the files on the HD..

    Anyway, this time with a new question.

    Can I zip automatically all the attachments going through Anomy?

    I reckon as Anomy checks the messages while they're being sent or received,
    with a few more line of code, attachments could be compressed. Any Winzip
    compatible algorithm though.

    This would be great dont you think? To reduce traffic on the fly..



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    > Hi Guys:
    > You may be already aware of the new Bugbear virus.
    > Most of it's attached files come named
    > So, the only fixed part of its names is the "FIXED-" bit.
    acchording to sophos
    The attachments have double extensions with the final extension being EXE,
    SCR or PIF.

    would outlook execute "abcd.exe-123" ?

    > I tryed to setup anomy to stop these attachments but they still get

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