Old style (1.34) logging of viruses in newer versions (1.49 onwards)

From: Noel Clarkson (
Date: Fri 04 Oct 2002 - 01:25:26 GMT

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    Hi there,

    we currently run 1.34 and have looked at updating to later versions of
    Anomy (last look was at 1.49) but the log file info between 1.34 and 1.49
    seems to have changed and we really liked the old way of logging. To be
    specific, the old version reported in the log the particular virus that was
    found by the virus scanner where as the new one seems not to (but if that
    is just a config setting that I haven't got right I'd love to know). Is
    there any way of getting the virus info into the log in newer versions as
    we would like to track what viruses we are seeing and cleaning up.



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