Bad documentation of Sanitizer.

From: Romek (
Date: Thu 03 Oct 2002 - 16:38:45 GMT

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    Hi list members,

    I had troubles with new Sanitizer 1.54 - my previous installed
    version was 1.44. I dropped vesrion 1.45 because of the same
      Recipients of sanitized messages got only part of the headers.

    After some testing it turned out that html documentation lacks
    some vital information.
    In Section

    The Anomy sanitizer is developed on a RedHat Linux system running Perl
    5.005_03. Any newer version of Perl on a Unix platform should work fine.
    The sanitizer has very modest module requirements, and only needs the
    following Perl modules to be present on your system:

    which is not true: one need LWP::Simple and HTTP::Status

    Bjarni while developing sanitizer does not remember which modules
    he is using and non developer probably has not these files in the

    I believe many users dropped Sanitizer because of problems with

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