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From: Chad Manning (
Date: Wed 02 Oct 2002 - 23:42:03 GMT

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    I've been running Anomy+ClamScan+SpamAssassin for a week now with great success! I've run into very few false positives but have been able to configure my way out of their re-occurance. I do however have a problem sorting tagged email...

    SpamAssassin makes it incredibly easy for the end user to sort tagged spam email into various mailboxes. SpamAssassin by default will add X-headers that make it easy and FAST for a mail tool to sort email (sieve, outlook rules, eudora rules, etc...). For instance:
    X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=17.8 required=4.0
     tests= ...
    X-Spam-Flag: YES
    X-Spam-Level: *****************
    X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 2.41 (
    X-Spam-Prev-Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

    Unfortunately, Anomy adds static X-headers of your choosing, but I've not found a way to have anomy report the virus score (I like the style of the X-Spam-Level header a lot) in the headers. This is key for my setup since I'd like to do the filtering on the server-side using Sieve, but sieve can only parse the headers of the messages. Without invoking procmail, my only thought was to do postfix body_blocks for the anomy virus messages (not a recommended route...).

    How difficult would it be to hack this functionality into Anomy? Is this something others have requested? How have others dealt with sorting the email that has been tagged as a virus?

    background setup:
    anomy (via piping shell script)
    cyrus sieve
    cyrus imap




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