Procmail for dummies

From: Wil McGilvery (
Date: Wed 18 Sep 2002 - 14:53:04 GMT

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    I am currently running a Postfix Server that acts as a gateway and as a local mail host for several domains. I have been experimenting with Anomy and SpamAssassin and I wish to be able to set different filter settings for each domain. I also do not wish to filter outgoing mail. (I currently use a script (not procmail) that filters all mail that arrive at the server.)

    I have been reading up on Procmail and it appears that it can only be used to direct mail locally. I found a "To" function that that could be used to redirect mail, but I also read that this set up is flaky at best.

    What have other people done? Where can I find a "How To" For the procmail challenged?

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