fork problem under load

Date: Thu 27 Jun 2002 - 19:25:24 UTC

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    Greetings, Anomy folk

    After 9 months of perfect behavior, my anomy+sendmail box, a SunBlade 100
    running Solaris 8 began to fail in wierd ways when receiving mail to a
    large number of valid users.

    The problem manifests itself by bouncing a mail to a valid user with
    the error "user unknown." I would also see mail with a txt file
    attachment be quarantined by my Sophos scanner, claiming to be

    Digging into the sanitizer log, I saw

    /usr/local/bin/sanitize: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

    So, I had apparently hit the max number of processes per user when
    dealing with this large stream of mails. I fixed it by increasing the
    maxuprc parameter in /etc/system and rebooting.

    Hopefully this will benefit other anomy-on-Solaris users.



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