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From: Wil McGilvery (
Date: Mon 17 Jun 2002 - 13:44:54 UTC

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    I have been testing out this program and I like it a lot, but I have 2
    issues I hope to get help with.
    1) Images in html emails are being defanged. I have allowed
    Html scripting
    Unnamed files
    Images are still defanged.
    How can I configure Anomy to not defanged html images and still disallow
    webbugs and the scripting.
    2) How can I send response messages to senders of defanged
    messages? I have no experience at scripting - so is this possible and
    where do I start to look?
    The first issue is very important to me and needs to be resolved before
    I can really use this program.
    The second issue is not that important.
    Wil McGilvery
    Manager, Digital Media
    Lynch Technologies Inc.
    416-744-0406 FAX


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