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Date: Thu 06 Jun 2002 - 12:59:42 UTC

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    Don't thank me Joe... because that is not a solution... Bjarni wrote to tell
    that you MUST use the results files bundled in the anomy file. If you
    recreated them (by deleting the results directory) everything seems to be ok
    but it's not the case. That only means that the first run of will
    create the new results files, the second run will compare those results with
    themselves (so to speak).
    You should try NOT to delete the original results files and deal with the

    So far my problems with the default test was solved.... actually I ignored
    it as it was not a reported as a failure the fact that my
    RHL installation is in spanish, so the message "No such file or directory"
    was obviosuly different from "No existe el fichero o el directorio"

    Sorry for following my "solution", I thought it was right.
    Hope this also helps


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    > Thanks Ret, to fix the unexplainable errors I was experiencing with
    >, this suggestion worked.
    > Ret wrote:
    > >
    > > I think I bumped into the same problem. The only test that didn't run
    > > correctly was default, and the cause was something about deleting a file
    > > (tmp).
    > > What I did is delete all the files in the results directory. I run the
    > > twice and everything went smoothly after that.
    > > Hope this helps
    > >
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