Re: A bug or a configuration error with permissions?

From: Ret (
Date: Tue 04 Jun 2002 - 20:38:22 UTC

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    > On 2001-01-10, 23:43:30 (-0500), Wayne Smith
    > wrote:
    > ...
    > This problem will go away if you drop root privaleges
    > before running the sanitizer - stuff in /etc/procmailrc is
    > run as root unless otherwise specified. I suggest making
    > the sanitization the last rule in /etc/procmailrc, and
    > preceding it with the following line:
    >   DROPPRIVS=yes
    > This is what I use. :-)

    I'm using RH Linux 7.2 with the bundled sendmail and procmail. The test results were all ok but when I use the sanitizer and a CFG file within procmail, the promail log says: "Insecure dependency in require while running setuid at <path/to/anomy/>".
    I've read this post before and added Bjarni's solution (DROPPRIVS=yes) to the /etc/procmailrc.

    After that I run into a new problem with a new error message in the procmail log: " Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at <path/to/anomy/>"
    There is another post with this same problem but so far there is no solution. Check this post:

    Does anyone know how to fix the UID problems with anomy and procmail??

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