user based attachment filter

From: Papp Rudolf (
Date: Mon 03 Jun 2002 - 08:49:58 UTC

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    I need to make an user based attachment filter. On a mailserver running a sendmail 8.12.3 with FEATURE(local_procmail) to deliver mails to boxes with procmail. From this I can filter all of messages. This is very nice (the server not too busy), but I have 2 questions.

    How can I filter messages per user base? When I place this in /etc/procmailrc:


    * ! TOtest
    | sanitizer /etc/sanitizer.cfg

    all ok ( all message filtered that not contains test local user).
    But when in an arrived message To or Cc fileds contains other address, then messages abandoned too (when contains test.) How can I filter message before delivering to box?

    Can I send an e-mail notification to admin, when an arrived message altered?

    Any idea?

    Thank you!

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