Exim or Postfix/Procmail

From: Oliver Tickell (
Date: Tue 28 May 2002 - 10:34:00 UTC

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    Hi, I am working on an email sanitizing service that will receive emails, clean them up to
    user's preferences, then forward them on. I am planning on using the Anomy Sanitizer for

    I have also been planning to use Postfix as MTA and Procmail, using .procmailrc files to
    invoke Anomy etc & apply other user requirements.

    Now I have heard of Exim, which apparently combines the functions of both Postfix and
    Procmail and has a rather easier syntax (in the .forward files) than the equivalent
    .procmailrc files.

    Does anyone have experience of doing this & have advice as to which system
    Postfix/Procmail or Exim, will do a better job & make my life more easy & pleasant?

    Thanks, Oliver Tickell.

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