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From: Marco Gaiarin (
Date: Tue 14 May 2002 - 10:25:18 UTC

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    Mandi! Holger W÷hle
      In chel di` si favelave...

    > does anybody of you use the anomy sanitizer with the exim mta ?
    > If yes can you tell me how to configure exim to use anomy before delivering local messages ?

    debian define the transport:

     # This transport is used for procmail
       driver = pipe
       command = "/usr/bin/procmail -f - -d ${local_part}"
       #check_string = "From "
       #escape_string = ">From "
       user = $local_part
       group = mail

    and so the director:

     # This director runs procmail for users who have a .procmailrc file
       driver = localuser
       transport = procmail_pipe
       require_files = ${local_part}:+${home}:+${home}/.procmailrc:+/usr/bin/procmail

    so a user suffices to have a .procmailrc in home and procmail are

    Then you can simply put in /etc/procmailrc:

     :0 fw
     | /usr/bin/sanitizer /etc/sanitizer.cfg

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