RE: Insecure dependency redux

From: Kevin Ring (
Date: Wed 08 May 2002 - 13:19:59 UTC

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    This fix didn't do it for me, but this morning I searched on google and

    which suggested adding DROPPRIVS=yes to the procmailrc before the rule that
    calls anomy. This has solved my problems. Thanks to everyone for their help.
    My users and my boss are much happier now :)


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    You give me WAY too much credit. That was just a LUCKY strike on my part.

    I think the only reason that I 'thought' too look there was I upgraded to
    Majordomo 1.94.5 last week.


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    > Dear Brian,
    > You are a Genius! That's is right! I forgot to symlink procmail to
    > smrsh. That solved the problem. Thanks.
    > Max

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