RE: Insecure dependency

From: Kevin Ring (
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 - 19:31:25 UTC

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    There was something about this from the procmail list. From
    /msg00025.html?43#mfs I learned that adding -U to the #!/usr/bin/perl at the
    top of will fix the problem.

    Based on the perlrun manpage
          -U allows Perl to do unsafe operations. Currently the only "unsafe"
                tions are the unlinking of directories while running as
    superuser, and
                running setuid programs with fatal taint checks turned into
                Note that the -w switch (or the "$^W" variable) must be used
    along with
                this option to actually generate the taint-check warnings.

    The error messages have gone away. It appears that the problem is fixed,
    although it doesn't seem like the best option...

    Thanks for the help


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    > > > and then when it recovers, it leaves the leading F off the From in
    > > > envelope information.
    > > > e.g.
    > > > rom Tue May 7 13:43:21 2002
    > > >

    I think this is a sign that your locking strategy in procmail is not

    Procmail gives you several types of locking styles to use, and my
    first guess is that yours is not working.

    See the procmail mailing list at for the searchable
    mail archive, and you should find plenty of email to read on this


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