anomy with postfix as mailrelay

From: Northe, Juergen (
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 - 15:35:59 UTC

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    Hi !
    i was searching the web and this mailling for configuring postfix with
    anomy as a mailrelay. I think that it is not uncommen that you want to
    sanitize your emails
    in your dmz with postfix installed and forward that prescanned mail to
    your internal mailserver with an installed virusscanner for further

    My anomy is working fine at my linux workstation but i cant figure out
    how to install it on our mailrelay-server. (without procmail ?!)

    So far I know, i have to add a service (plug-in) in the
    /etc/postfix/ for the smtp daemon for processing mails by

    Can anyone give me an example and ?

    I would suggest to post a working postfix-config on the with the title "In-transit
    sanitizing - postfix".
    If I have a working server I will send a copy of that to Bjarni



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