linuxconf vdeliver and anomy config help?

From: Jeremy (
Date: Sat 04 May 2002 - 03:43:32 UTC

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    I have just installed anomy on my redhat 7.1 system and I am able to get it
    to run as a procmail filter by entering appropriate commands in

    I use the linuxconf vdeliver mechanism to handle multiple virtual email
    domains. vdeliver does not use procmail.

    I have previously used a little known filter program 'vbs' to handle
    filtering on virtual domains. I configure it in file
    /etc/mail/mailconf/ thus:

    # Special mailer for virtual email domain hosting modified to filter
    Mvirtual, P=/usr/bin/vbs, F=lsDFMShP, S=10, R=20/40,
    A=vbs /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/vdeliver $u $h

    The result is that the file is passed to vbs, processed and then given to
    vdeliver to hand over to the end-user.

    I would like to do the same with anomy but my sendmail and anomy skills are

    Could someone help me with the appropriate filter commands to replace vbs
    with anomy in the above example?


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