Re: Converting word docs to pdf

From: Sampo Nurmentaus (
Date: Fri 19 Apr 2002 - 14:35:20 UTC

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    Sounds quite reasonable when you have a windows machine
    from which you want to print from.

    I don't have one so the problem is that incoming email
    including word docs must be manually converted with
    wcPDF to PDF files. Well, not a big challange for me
    espesially when most of word docs sent to me contain
    no usefull payload. But my mailserver is also
    servin my borther and father both using windoze. So
    converting .docs to pdfs would absolutely disable
    all the macroviruses sent to them. And also would ease
    my life.

    So problem is how to mangle an attachment in incoming
    mail while keeping ms word as far away from me as possible :-)

    wcPDF does some nice work on this era but in addition to manglin
    attacment it should also be renamed if mangling goes ok. If it
    doesn't it should be dropped. Or something like that.


    > I've had a lot of responses for my "Print to PDF" mini-howto.
    > Here is a zipped up copy of what you'll need to get started.
    > Please note. This "how to" is _very_ MINI.
    > It assumes you know how to add Linux LPD printers, edit the printcap file,
    > etc.
    > If you need help, I'll do my best but I'll be incommunicado for a few days
    > so be patient.
    > Brian

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