Re: Sanitizer & IMAP anyone?

From: D. J. Hagberg (
Date: Mon 08 Apr 2002 - 15:53:36 UTC

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    Yep. I'm using a Postfix -> Procmail -> Sanitizer -> Cyrus IMAP process
    that works quite well. This is probably not efficient but the two sites I
    have this setup at are less than 50 users.

    There was a write-up of a similar system on LinuxWorld pretty recently --

    The procmail file that I have for delivery to cyrus is different than the
    one in the article:

    -------------------- /etc/postfix/cyprocmailrc ---------------------
    # Run all incoming email through the Anomy email sanitizer
    :0 fw
    |$ANOMY/bin/ /etc/postfix/sanitizer.cfg
    # Run user rc file, if any
    # If we have an email extension, set foo as delivery folder
    :0 w
    * EXTENSION ?? .
    |/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a cyrus -q -m "$EXTENSION" "$USER"
    :0 wE
    |/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a cyrus -q "$USER"
    # If we get this far, one of the above recipes failed
    EXITCODE = $?
    HOST # This is correct. Do not modify this line

    And my entry in /etc/postfix/ is different as well --

    cyprocmail unix - n n - - pipe
      flags=Ru user=cyrus argv=/usr/bin/procmail -p /etc/postfix/cyprocmailrc USER=${user} EXTENSION=${extension}

    (the "u" portion of the flags was necessary to force the incoming email
    address to lowercase -- otherwise email to DHAGBERG was not being
    delivered correctly).

                            -=- D. J.

    On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Brian Schonecker wrote:
    > ...considering moving my company's primary email access to IMAP server.
    > Anyone using sanitizer/IMAP?
    > So far, I've been able to get the IMAP server to start but my mail delivery
    > location is in $HOME and I want to 'chroot' it to $HOME/mail so that users
    > cannot access their $HOME files. This is a Linux server that is used only
    > for mail access and doesn't allow logins from the outside (other than
    > console).
    > Anyone doing this already? Caveats?

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