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From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Wed 03 Apr 2002 - 12:15:41 UTC

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    On 2002-03-29, 00:21:16 (-0600), Mike Loiterman wrote:
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    > Few questions:
    > * I initinatlly ran the testall script as described in the manual.
    > Several tests failed. Upon reading the readme for the test script, I

    This is not normal, something is wrong with your installation - most
    likely that you haven't installed all of the prerequisite perl modules.

    Check the result files in results.def/ for error messages.

    > noticed that I needed to rename the test.conf.sample to test.conf and
    > create a directory to store the files in. Then I reran the script

    That's only for people who want to regression test using their own
    configurations, before upgrading to a new release. Doing this creates
    a baseline based on the current configuration and helps you track
    changes in the behavior of the program between releases - if your
    current config is broken then "success" only means that things are
    *still* broken.

    > * Do you have to use a /etc/sanitizer.cfg file?


    > * Are the defaults acceptable for production use?

    In the recent releases the defaults are relatively safe.

    > * Is there a place I can download production level *.cfg files?

    No. :)

    > * Why isn't there a sample sanitizer.cfg file included? Have I just
    > missed it?

    I'm lazy? :) There are samples in the manual.

    > * I'm using Hardin's original mail sanitizer. What, if any, are the
    > advantages to switching to the Anomy version?

    Anomy does a better job decoding complex MIME messages. Anomy also allows
    you to plug in a third-party virus scanner if you like.

    > * How often are updates released?

    As necessary / when I have time.

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