missing argument to self->Truncate ?

From: Will Day (
Date: Fri 29 Mar 2002 - 02:25:28 UTC

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    Recently begun using anomy on a mailserver, I noticed an error in the logs:

       Can't call method "entry" on an undefined value at
       /usr/local/anomy/bin/Anomy/ line 1438.

    This is in sub "Truncate", trying to call $log->entry, where $log is the
    fifth argument to Truncate. Looking through the code, it appeared that
    Truncate is called at one point with only four arguments (line 1616):

       $self->Truncate("MIME $field", \$value, 100, $log)

    Looks like the fourth argument is missing ($safeval); I wasn't sure what to
    specify for that in this case, though. (This is using version 1.49.)

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