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From: Marco Gaiarin (
Date: Tue 19 Mar 2002 - 08:46:36 UTC

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    I've read in debian weekly news the new .deb package of anomy
    sanitizer, so i've rebuild it for potato (the stable distribution) with
    no pain.

    I'm using it with procmail, and i've not in mind to change this, but
    i'm asking if someone have used it directly with the filter capability
    of exim. Some sort of curiosity... ;))

    Also i attach the ``Italian'' configuration file: i've translated
    mainly literally the comment in, and translated messages
    Also i've make some minor modification (added some more accented letters
    in filename, added in rule 11 the match for multipart arj compressed
    file, a\d\d, ...)


    PS: someone could re-explain the comment for feat_log_after options?
    I've tryed to translate it, but i've not understood it... O;-)))

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