Re: Anomy + sendmail 8.12.2

From: alex morris (
Date: Tue 12 Feb 2002 - 00:54:14 UTC

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    I am using sendmail 8.12.1 and anomy 1.48, and I do not have modify the at all. I use the anomy edits to along with
    mailertable and the access db anti-spam feature, and my is the

    If you see errors in your sendmail log file from the msp trying to
    deliver to, (I typically use .CLEAN, but it's
    configurable) and you are using the access db feature, you might try
    some sendmail testing to see if it is blocking you.

    echo '/map access' | sendmail -bt -d38.20

    where is a domain you block in your access db.. This
    should show you that the access map was opened, and a value was

    then try

    echo '/map access' | sendmail -bt -d38.20

    and see if your sendmail permits or denies your own domain relay..

    I found I had to have RELAY entries specifically for the domain I serve
    ( in my access db, or the msp would not deliver.

    Perhaps my sendmail is just whacked, but if so, it is whacked in a
    delivering-kind of way. :)

    But, I have built up quite a lot of confidence in the anomy sanitizer.


    Charles Tassell wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > The newer versions of sendmail use a "" config file (instead of
    > for handling mail that is sent from the local machine (which
    > sanitized mails are, as they are fed through sendmail -oi -f fromaddress
    > destinationaddress.ANOMY if you use the HACK(anomy) feature). Now, the
    > problem is that the file doesn't know to rewrite .ANOMY addresses
    > to remove the .ANOMY (the R$* < @ $+ .ANOMY >
    > $* $1<@$2.>$3 stuff) Where should I put this in
    > so that it will deliver mails?

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