Anomy + sendmail 8.12.2

From: Charles Tassell (
Date: Sun 10 Feb 2002 - 08:19:43 UTC

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    Hello all,

       The newer versions of sendmail use a "" config file (instead of for handling mail that is sent from the local machine (which
    sanitized mails are, as they are fed through sendmail -oi -f fromaddress
    destinationaddress.ANOMY if you use the HACK(anomy) feature). Now, the
    problem is that the file doesn't know to rewrite .ANOMY addresses
    to remove the .ANOMY (the R$* < @ $+ .ANOMY >
    $* $1<@$2.>$3 stuff) Where should I put this in
    so that it will deliver mails?

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