file list rules processing

From: David Tilley (
Date: Wed 06 Feb 2002 - 08:58:00 UTC

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    It appears that Anomy stops processing a part as soon as it gets a rule
    match. That is, once a file_list_# pattern matches, remaining rules/patterns
    are not checked for that part. Is this by design or have I misconfigured

    I'm trying to first feed everything through an external virus scanner,
    regardless of filename, so I do this:

    file_list_rules = 1
    file_list_1 = (?s).*
    file_list_1_policy = accept:save:save:save
    file_list_1_scanner = 0:1:2:/etc/procmail/viruscheck %FILENAME

    which seemed to work just fine.

    But when I add another file_list section to defang selected extensions, the
    new file_list pattern never gets matched.

    file_list_rules = 2
    # file_list_1 stuff unchanged from above

    # trivial example, not for production
    file_list_2 = (?i)\.(vbs|dll|scr)$
    file_list_2_policy = defang
    file_list_2_scanner = 0

    When I send a test.vbs attachment, it does not get defanged. According to
    the log trace, Rule 1 is matched but Rule 2 is never tested. If I then munge
    the pattern in Rule 1 such that nothing matches, Rule 2 is tested and

    Is there any way to have Anomy continue down the rules list even after a

    On further reflection, I'm guessing not. Once a rule is matched and the part
    is processed, Anomy would have to "rewind" the stream to process the part
    again (assuming the part hadn't already been dropped or saved).



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