Re: Sanitizer adds empty line to my plain text attachment

From: Dave Cridland (
Date: Fri 25 Jan 2002 - 09:48:09 UTC

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    On Thu, 2002-01-24 at 09:13, Dijk, Diederick van wrote:
    > We are using the latest version of sanitizer the filter our email.
    > We have one problem. Sanitizer adds an empty line to our plain text
    > attachments.
    > Even if we make an accept rule for some of our plain text attachment it adds
    > an empty line.
    > Someone knows why ? For some of our plain text attachment it is very
    > important that aren't
    > altered because they are imported in another computer system.
    > This computer system doesn't like the empty line in the attachment.

    I suspect this is related to the re-encoding bug (Sorry Bjarni, issue).

    Essentially, the Sanitizer decodes and recodes attachments even when
    it's been told it doesn't need to examine the contents. For
    quoted-printable, this can change line endings, essentially, which when
    sending "binary" attachments through quoted-printable will cause a
    change in the recieved file.

    Your best bet is to send the attachments via base64 - quoted-printable
    shouldn't be used for binary attachments, anyway.

    Bjarni does have some code of mine which doesn't exhibit this problem,
    but it's not a fix to or, but a replacement
    for both, unfortunately, so we can't simply start using it. In addition,
    it's nowhere near finished yet, and needs a *lot* more work.


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