Re: Recommended virus scanner programs.

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Tue 22 Jan 2002 - 15:46:05 UTC

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    On 2002-01-22, 09:38:11 (-0500), Brett Simpson wrote:
    > Does anyone have any recommendations on a virus scanner program that I can
    > add into Anomy? My goal is to use it not just for Anomy but also for
    > checking any html content going through our Checkpoint firewalls via web
    > browser access. Thanks.

    #define MARKETING 1

    For the mail filtering, I recommend F-Prot Antivirus for Linux
    (, because they're the ones writing my paychecks
    (sponsoring Anomy) and the F-Prot programmers are Good Guys (tm).

    It's currently in beta and is free for any use until the beta period
    ends (soon). It will be competetively priced compared to the other
    Linux offerings out there. Feature-wise it is similar to the DOS
    version of F-Prot, although hopefully we'll have a daemonized
    version available soon which will speed up mail scanning very

    Regarding the engine itself, it's gotten consistently good marks
    from Virus Bulletin ( for the past few years (look
    for FRISK or one of the companies we OEM to: Data Fellows/F-Secure,
    Command), and is relatively fast compared to the competition (or so
    I'm told, anyway).

    #undef MARKETING


    I don't know whether F-Prot will work with your firewall.

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