bug? in quoted-printable handling?

From: Paulius Bulotas (
Date: Wed 16 Jan 2002 - 08:09:49 UTC

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    I try to send dbf file, which size is 39422 bytes and after receiving
    it, the size is 39425 (I suspect three extra 0xD in front of 0xA, for
    one I'm really sure).
    It occurs only when encoding is quoted-printable, not with base64, which is
    not always (for one dbf file it might be base64, for other q-p).
    Tried to play with feat_newlines, but without any success.
    The rule 15 is standard.

    Any ideas welcome.

    The log is:

      Part (pos="1699"):
        ParseHeader ():
          Got MIME info: boundary="", charset="iso-8859-1", disposition="attachment", encoding="quoted-printable", filename="LIKVERT.DBF", type="application/octet-stream"

        Parsing body as DEFAULT.
        SanitizeFile (filename="TEST.DBF", mimetype="application/octet-stream"):
    <...Not applicable rules skipped...>
          Rule 15: TEST.DBF =~ (?i)\.(mbx|vcf|p7[sm]|ics|pgp|gpg|asc|3ds|arg|dwg|dxf|dwt|dng|dbf|dcl|lsp|mp[apdwe]|psd|prc|qt|stx|swf)(\.[gb]?z\d?)?$
          Match (rule="15"):
            Enforced policy: accept


    Anomy 0.0.0 :
    $Id:,v 1.51 2002/01/04 19:55:10 bre Exp $


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