Sanifilter, version 1.48.3, released.

From: Dave Cridland (
Date: Tue 15 Jan 2002 - 00:09:29 UTC

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    Did some more work on the Sanifilter. And there was much rejoicing
    throughout the land.

    No changes to functionality, just a few more fixes of bugs.

    None of these - or indeed the unnumbered-but-should-have-been 1.48.1
    release's bugs, which were many and nasty - actually lost any email, so
    I'm still rather pleased with the design, despite it being somewhat
    hairy code in places - basically, Sanifilter appears to fail sensibly
    when it fails. Gosh darn it, all that time spent programming them
    mission critical systems must have paid off.

    This is good. It does not have any bearing on the most obvious
    application of the lack of warranty, of course, which is that it might
    lose all trace of your email, and I'll have every right to laugh at you.

    I don't *think* it will, though. :-)

    I hereby declare this release to be Beta.

    Shipping configuration is what I use at home, so it's a real
    configuration, for use with Cyrus IMAPd. Note that it's chrooted, so
    you'll need your external scanner(s), and quarantine directories, within
    the chroot jail if you use this.

    There's one bug I couldn't track down, and need some help with.

    I'm using this with a Cyrus IMAPd "real" LMTP server, and sendmail as
    the LMTP client. When sendmail tries to deliver a bunch of emails at
    once - specifically, when I'm doing "sendmail -v -q" (I only have local
    email in the queue) - Sanifilter detects the closure of the "real" LMTP
    server after sending the terminator through at the end of the DATA, on
    the second email.

    This doesn't happen when I send multiple emails through on the same
    connection with fetchmail, for instance. Which is a mite confusing.
    (That's fetchmail speaking LMTP at Sanifilter, not SMTP at sendmail,
    which it normally does)

    All the email gets through eventually - since sendmail simply retries
    and sends the emails one at a time.

    It's probably possible to tell sendmail to send them one transaction per
    connection - hell, it's sendmail, I could probably tell it to send them
    backwards in Arabic if I wanted to - but I can't see that sendmail's
    doing anything differently to fetchmail.

    Help in tracking this one down, and indeed some feedback on how it
    handles other configurations - indeed, any feedback at all - would be
    most welcome.

    So would gifts of money, preferably on a monthly basis.

    And occasional help changing my son's nappies.


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