Re: Re: Junk mail from this list

From: Peter Walker (
Date: Mon 14 Jan 2002 - 13:48:34 UTC

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    > Disadvantages: non-subscribers won't be able to send requests for help
    and subscribers will be unable to send messages from alternate accounts
    without subscribing them as well or at least letting the list system know
    about their subscription.
    Not sure what your list software supports but how about holding
    non-subscriber email for moderation?

    > I hate giving in to the spammers and letting their abuse decrease the
    utility of the list. I'd rather leave the list open and put more work into
    spam protection or simply make the list moderated (which involves more work
    for me and slower response times).
    Anti-spam protection would be good. See my previous comment about

    > Feedback from you subscribers would be most appreciated - is the spam a
    big enough problem to warrant some sort of action on my part or
    > should I just ignore it for now?
    It's not a big problem yet because there isn't a huge volume of spam but
    because there isn't much traffic in total it is quite annoying.
    > If people want spam protection, does anyone want to volunteer to help me
    moderate the list?
    How would it work? Would there be a single moderator on duty at one time
    or could many work together. As I use the software and haven't contributed
    in any other way I would be happy to do my share of the moderation.

    Pete Walker

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