Re: Junk mail from this list

From: Luc Pardon (
Date: Mon 14 Jan 2002 - 13:36:33 UTC

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    Hi Bjarni,

    > Disadvantages: non-subscribers won't be able to send requests for
    > help

     Correct, but not too much of a problem. If you need help, why not
    subscribe ? I just checked and the e-mail addresses in the archives are
    masked out (as they should be) so you don't risk much.

    > subscribers will be unable to send messages from alternate
    > accounts without subscribing them as well or at least letting the
    > list system know about their subscription.
      Correct as well. And it may be difficult to unsubscribe if you no
    longer have access to the old account (happened to me once). But still
    not much of a problem.

    > I hate giving in to the spammers and letting their abuse decrease
    > the utility of the list.

      We're doing this already, kind of. It's a long time since there has
    been so much traffic in a single day <g>. And the first time there is an
    off-topic thread <g>.

    > I'd rather leave the list open and put
    > more work into spam protection

      Not a trivial undertaking. On my mailserver, I have activated every
    junk control feature that I could get my hands on, but it takes constant
    babysitting to keep it tuned. I hate it when they sneak in through the

    > or simply make the list moderated
    > (which involves more work for me and slower response times).

      Which is why I didn't even dare to suggest it <g>.

    > If people want spam protection, does anyone want to volunteer to
    > help me moderate the list?

      How would that work in practice ? Over the web, or via the inbox of
    the moderator(s)? What I'm really asking, I guess: is there any way to
    co-moderate without too much of a commitment, or better, without one
    moderator being a bottleneck when unavailable ?


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