Announcing, revision 1.48

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fri 04 Jan 2002 - 20:07:47 UTC

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    Happy new years!

    The new code is available on the web site:

    Relevant changelog entries follow - note that any of you using the
    feat_log_after feature (probably noone) really needs this update.
    People interested in running the Sanitizer on Windows will be quite
    interested as well - it Almost Works. The HTML STYLE issue discussed
    here the other day is also fixed.

    Feedback on running the sanitizer under Windows would be quite
    apreciated. Anybody wanna port the regression test system from bash
    to perl so it'll be cross-platform too? :-)

    Revision 1.48: (January 04, 2002)

        Happy new year! Updated copyright notices again.

        Improved HTMLCleaner to properly handle STYLE tags which have
        attributes. Thanks to Andrew (andrew at for pointing
        this out.

        Explicitly set all temporary files opened to binary mode, to
        improve portability. Improved newline handling code a bit more -
        it now properly handles differing newline conventions within
        embedded/encoded parts of the same message.

    Revision 1.47: (not released)

        Added feat_newlines, to allow people to specify what sort of newlines
        to use in the sanitizer's output. Default (0) is to use a newline
        convention "autodetected" from the first chunk of data. Attempted to
        address a number of platform dependant newline issues within the code
        itself - this still needs some work though.

        Added the "warn" policy, which acts just like "unknown" except for
        the fact that it also increments the modification counter. Added a
        test for this to the filenames test.

        Fixed a buglet to do with a lack of trailing newlines in parts which
        are re-encoded as 8bit instead of Base64 when feat_log_after is in
        use. This has the side effect of adding newlines to almost all of
        the test cases.

        Updated copyright notice in a few files to mention the year 2001.
        Seemed fitting to fix that before we enter 2002... Thanks to Dave
        Cridland for pointing that out. :-)

        Moved John Hardin's macro scanning code into the module
        Anomy::Sanitizer::MacroScanner, to facilitate sharing of that code
        between different implementations of the sanitizer engine.
    Revision 1.46: (skipped)

    ... you've seen the rest.

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