problem with anomy 1.45

From: alex morris (
Date: Fri 14 Dec 2001 - 17:47:00 UTC

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    On a RH Linux 6.2 system, perl version 5.005, all anomy-required perl
    modules installed and visible, I attempt to test the new 1.45 sanitizer
    by invoking it manually.

    [root@jordy Anomy]# /usr/local/bin/ /etc/mail/sanitizer.cfg
    < /home/iltn/mail/test1.txt

    Can't call method "entry" on an undefined value at
    /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/i386-linux/Anomy/ line 688.

    I looked at line 688,

      $message->{"log"}->entry("parsed_header", SLOG_TRACE, undef,
                                     "Finished parsing message header.");

    And thought I might need feat_log_after defined in my .cfg file. I
    flipped this on and off, with no effect on the error.

    here is the top portion of my sanitizer.cfg.

    # Active features.
    feat_verbose = 1
    feat_log_inline = 1
    feat_log_stderr = 1
    feat_log_xml = 0
    feat_log_trace = 1
    feat_log_after = 1
    feat_webbugs = 1
    #feat_paranoid = 1
    feat_paraniod = 1 ## mis-spelled on purpose to see sanitizer init
    feat_testing = 0
    # feat_boundaries = 0
      feat_boundaries = 1
      feat_files = 1
      feat_forwards = 1
      feat_html = 1
      feat_lengths = 1
    # feat_log_inline = 0
    # feat_log_stderr = 0
      feat_scripts = 1
      feat_trust_pgp = 0
      feat_uuencoded = 1
      feat_verbose = 1
      feat_fixmime = 1
      file_default_policy = accept

    I did notice that with feat_verbose enabled, and by adding the bogus
    feat_paraniod to the config file, I could see the sanitizer initializing
    lots of stuff, and trying to read my config file. But, the output did
    not look like my config file, it looked like a default config buried

    I also tried to turn on perl debugging with -w and -d in,
    but the output from that did not shed any light. I can see where DecodeHeader is called a few times, and then CheckEmail is
    called with the sender and recipient addresses, but I cannot figure out
    what it wants for the method 'entry' .

    running perl -c on shows no errors.

    More than likely, I have dorked my config somewhere, but I can't figure
    out how.. Any suggestions are welcome.



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