DNS error ?

From: Benoit des Ligneris (
Date: Thu 13 Dec 2001 - 02:17:40 UTC

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    Well, I've got a problem whem sanitizing emails in-transit with anomy.

    I did many tests with an alternate name so that I changed the name of
    the server while treating the mail, something like

    R$*<>$* $#procmail
    $@/etc/anomy.rc $:$1<>$2

    And all works fine !

    However, now that I'm satisfied with anomy and I would like to use it in
    production so I changed the MX for courrier so that it point to the
    email gateway and the recipe to :

    R$*<>$* $#procmail
    $@/etc/anomy.rc $:$1<>$2

    However, I have an error becaus the DNS says that the mail loops back to
    myself because sendmail use the MX record for the host.

    I tried _several_ solution :
    FEATURE(nodns) but it is no more supported
    (sendmail 8.11.6)

    The I tried to trick sendmail by using /etc/hosts file :
    where I added the IP and name of

    I played with mailertable, made another mailer (*anomy*) and so on
    but when I did so the same problem arise : infinite loop or DNS error.

    I think I misunderstood something more or less fundamental !

    Any help more than welcome.

    Thanks by advance,


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