Re: Attachments with spaces in the filename.

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Wed 12 Dec 2001 - 21:00:29 UTC

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    Oops, I meant to send a CC: of this to the list:

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    Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 20:58:29 +0000
    From: "Bjarni R. Einarsson" <>
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    Subject: Re: [anomy-list]: Attachments with spaces in the filename.

    On 2001-12-11, 14:17:38 (-0500), Brett Simpson wrote:
    > Whenever an email has an attachment with a filename that has spaces in it
    > sanitizer will rename the file so it doesn't have spaces. For example "file
    > name.txt" would be renamed to "file_name.txt". I don't have a problem with
    > this but it does attach the sanitzer.log file to the email. Is there a way
    > to tell it not to attach a log if all that happened was a rename not based
    > on any real threat? I still want the log attached if a real threat has
    > happened.

    No, but you can tell it to leave the spaces alone, since they aren't
    really all that dangerous. :-)

    In fact, in the 1.45 release I've modified the default to allow
    spaces in file names.

    See the file_characters variable (in the source code)
    for more information.

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