Re: catch-all regex?

From: Harold Paulson (
Date: Thu 06 Dec 2001 - 18:17:54 UTC

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    >file_list_2 = ^[^\.]+$

    This will match filenames with NO dots at all. Only those.

    >How can I modify this (or even add a file_list_ rule) to be a catch-all
    >bucket? In other words, I want to define a file_list_ that will match
    >any file extension, including no extension at all..
    >Would something like the following work?
    >file_list_2 = (?i)*

    file_list_2 = (.*)

    will match, "any number of anything". Hmm...actually...that won't
    match a filename with a newline will it? Maybe:

    file_list_2 = ([\s\S]*)

    the old, "anything that is whitespace, or not whitespace" trick.

            - H


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