MS Documents getting mangled

From: Harold Paulson (
Date: Thu 18 Oct 2001 - 19:42:02 UTC

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    Seems like MS attachments are occasionally, but not consistently,
    getting mangled. Some spammer just sent me 5 copies of the same Word
    document, however, two of them were mangled, and the others not.
    This is what was in the sanitizer log file:

    00099 Failed to create temporary file for scanning attachment!
    00099 Enforced policy: mangle (attachment CV_Stephane_Legendre_2.2.doc)
    00099 Replaced MIME type:
    with >>application/SUSPICIOUS-ATTACHMENT-99<<
    [ score: 1 ]
    00099 Rewrote filename:

    I have to assume it is some sort of resource problem, but there is
    plenty of disk, CPU and RAM to go around.

    This is me:

            FreeBSD 4.3-STABLE
            Sendmail 8.11.3
            Procmail 3.22
            Anomy Sanitizer 1.35

    Any ideas?

            - H


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