Here's an odd issue in GroupWise...

From: Sterling Hanenkamp (
Date: Wed 26 Sep 2001 - 19:04:23 UTC

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    This is unrelated to my work on an alternative to I'm not sure if this is an issue that Sanitizer would be interested in knowing about. It's one that I can't even find mentioned in any TIDs on Novell's web site, but if an RFC822 formatted email comes in to GroupWise and lacks the Subject: header entirely, then mail filter rules will not work on it. This is really irritating to me because I have some emails forwarded to my email address about 12 times a day that arrive without Subject: lines from one client in particular and have to manually delete or file this messages *every* day.

    Anyway, I can imagine the Subject: and other fields (such as Message-Id:) causing some confusion to agents when these fields are absent. Would it be reasonable for Sanitizer to check these fields and then generate an appropriate field if not found--such as "(no subject)" for the Subject:. I may add this to my replacement for just to help alleviate some of my own irritation!

    Anyway, just an idea.


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