1.35 -> 1.43: Overlooking Something Obvious ...

From: Jim Rosenberg (
Date: Mon 17 Sep 2001 - 20:09:31 UTC

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    Oh dear. I'm missing something pretty obvious, but I don't know what.

    I'm trying to upgrade an Intel system running OpenBSD 2.8-stable from
    Anomy 1.35 to 1.43. On my development machine, all the tests pass
    fine except for sanitizer.filenames. On the production machine none
    of the tests work. I'm getting a lot of output files that say
    nothing but *** Exit code was 255 ***.

    I had to install Digest::MD5, which wasn't required by 1.35. I may
    have done something stupid. I used CPAN to update the development
    machine, and then installed a tar file on the production machine with
    the files


    Did I miss something? thinks Digest is installed.

    On the filenames check, on my development machine the
    sanitizer.filenames.diff file is full of this kind of thing:

    < Unknown exit code: 512

    >           File was infected, but the virus checker fixed it.

    Any ideas appreciated ...

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