Newbie Help

From: Scott Dunn (
Date: Fri 07 Sep 2001 - 15:19:06 UTC

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    Ok please be patient, I am running redhat linux 6.0 and Sophos sweep with
    Qmail running.
    I downloaded the anomy sanitizer.
    tar zxvf anomy*
    cd anomy/testcases
    Everything was ok.
    Then I ran
     ./bin/ < /home/sdunn/Mailbox |more
    Which it said it sanitized the first email Which is a default email that is
    not supposed to be deleted.
    And It did not touch my email with the virus attached.
    Then I noticed the next step in the instructions was to do something with a
    config file. I cannot find this file anywhere and I do not know how to make
    it. Can Someone please give me simple instructions on how to install this
    stuff and make the config file. I have read the instructions on the website
    and what little came with the file and I just don't know what to do. Thanks
    for any help and patience )

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