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From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Tue 04 Sep 2001 - 16:22:31 UTC

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    Hi all,

    I've uploaded the latest Sanitizer code to the web site (url is
    in my .sig). This release completes the Drastic Rewrites (tm)
    which means it should be less of a waste of time to hack on the
    code and add features - and it the changes should make such
    hacking easier. (Mental note: I should probably update the
    hacking chapter in the manual.)

    Major changes for users:

      - Default HTML defanging rule now kills LINK and FRAMESET
        tags. See the changelog for an explanation of why.

      - Fixed problems related to filename character rules.

      - Fixed logging bugs introduced in log code rewrite.

      - Made the charset of embedded messages configurable and
            fixed charset encoding bugs in same messages.

      - By popular demand the manual now emphasizes that scanner
        rules must have FOUR policies and THREE code groups. :)

    This release STILL lacks the scoring code, since I haven't
    gotten around to reimplementing it (mostly because I'm not
    using it).

    Enjoy! :-)

    Also: someone mentioned to me that the Sanitizer was mentioned
    in some Linux magazine - does anyone know what magazine/issue
    it was? I'm quite keen to hear about it when the Sanitizer is
    on- or offline publications.

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