Custom extensions to Anomy

From: Sterling Hanenkamp (
Date: Tue 04 Sep 2001 - 15:29:59 UTC

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    With some slight modification to the Anomy Sanitizer code it would be
    possible to add customized extensions without patching the Sanitizer
    directly. This would make my job *much* easier as I would not have to
    rehack the scripts directly whenever I wanted to upgrade to the latest
    version of the Sanitizer. (Or make my boss' job easier since I will
    probably be in Grad school rather than here in 6 months.)

    What I propose would require minor changes to ReadSanitizerConfigLine so
    that an extension could have customized configuration directives added
    to the sanitizer.cfg file. And a small change to Sanitizer would also be

    First, we need to add a configuration directive for loading these custom
    extensions. Thus, we start with some set of directives similar to the
    file_list directives. The first of which could be named "sanitizer_ext"
    to name how many extensions are in the file. Then, several
    "sanitizer_ext_#" directives which could be set to a string formatted as
    "name:module" where the name is the internal name of the module and the
    prefix of any custom directives. And module would be the name of the
    Perl module to load. ReadSanitizerConfigLine could then except any of
    the normal directives, plus the "var_" directives plus the "ext_"
    directives for custom extensions. Now, any extension should use any
    directives starting with "ext_name_" for it's own customized purposes.

    Next, upon startup, Sanitizer should load any external Perl modules
    defined as extensions. I'm not sure how the semantics of passing in
    information ought to work, but somehow the extensions will need access
    to the logger and other Sanitizer variables.

    With these changes now in place, an extension can be written that hooks
    log entries and can perform actions based upon those events. For now,
    this seems to me to be about all that would be available to an
    extension, but that ability alone would permit a lot of nice
    customizations! Instead of building the scoring system into the
    Sanitizer directly, it could be added as a module. This would require a
    small amount of extra work at startup, but it could prevent lots of
    extra work by features the user isn't using later on.

    I suppose that the other possible action an extension might take is to
    register custom parsers for scanning the email, but I don't know if that
    would be a good idea since that's messing with the core of the sanitizer.

    Anyway, that's just an idea of mine. If you think it's a good one you
    might use, I could help with the initial coding--I'm pretty sure I can
    justify it to my boss. If not, I guess my boss will probably just find a
    version and stick to it.

    I really like the new log hooks now that I understand how they work.
    Thanks a lot for the help.


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