Updating the Sendmail patch

From: Sterling Hanenkamp (
Date: Tue 28 Aug 2001 - 15:43:46 UTC

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    I need some help hacking the Sanitizer script to use the new 1.42
    release. Btw, I noticed that you used the "common" idea in
    Anomy::MIMEStream from my patch to 1.40.

    Anyway, for anyone reading the list who doesn't know. I've written a
    patch to send notification messages based upon policy matches. I don't
    know what Bjarni's review of the changes are as yet, so it's an
    unofficial patch. Basically, it will send a custom notification back tot
    he sender if an error is found with the mail. This way, incoming mail
    can notify the sender of an attachment policy violation or of the
    potential presence of a virus. Also, since we are trying to put together
    a system for neatly scanning outgoing mail, we will also notify
    ourselves of our own email problems.

    Bjarni, since you added the new logging code, it looks practical to do
    error logging within the my Sendmail() and SendNotification()
    subroutines. However, I'm having some trouble understanding parts of the
    logging system. What is the $level parameter to entry() for? In your
    usage comment, it shows { rule => 3 }. What's this mean? I'm going to
    keep digging for awhile to see if I can answer my own question, but an
    answer direct from the source couldn't hurt.


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