Re: Use of Sophos sweep not working

From: Chang Kai Cheong (
Date: Tue 14 Aug 2001 - 08:52:28 UTC

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    > On 2001-08-13, 10:43:16 (+0800) Chang Kai Cheong:
    > Yes, four policies are required at the moment. I could
    > make it more flexible (and might, since this seems to be a
    > common error), but the reason I decided on four is because
    > virus scanners commonly return the following
    > reports:
    >   clean, disinfected, infected, error
    > ... each of which you might want to respond to in a
    > different way.

    Hi Bjarni,

    Thanks very much for your great work. I think it may be helpful to
    put a note in the documentation (for newbies like me).

    By the way, I also found one funny scenario that the attachment
    won't get scanned by external virus scanner if its name contained some
    funny characters (like Chinese). I think it might be the problem of
    creating the attached file in the underlying filesystem. Can it be
    rectified using an artificial file name instead?

    KC Chang

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