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From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Mon 06 Aug 2001 - 22:28:12 UTC

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    On 2001-08-06, 04:33:10 (-0700), Bill Preston wrote:
    > From time to time, users love to send >50 meg email attachments. Things
    > go bad from there. Procmail/anomy/virus check uses up all of the memory,
    > then the POP3 (qpopper) app goes down in flames. At that point sendmail
    > starts trying to return the email to the sender, and if an internal
    > sender, causes a nice cascade of errors.
    > Any remedies?

    You could run Anomy w/o procmail - the sanitizer itself doesn't eat up
    memory in proportion to the file size (it eats memory in proportion to
    message complexity, which is almost never a problem). How to do this
    is discussed a bit in the manual.

    The procmail installation is recommended for robustness only -
    procmail is a much more mature tool than Anomy and it can rescue mail
    if Anomy barfs. If procmail itself is causing troubles, then in your
    case the "cure" (procmail) may actually be worse than the disease
    (Anomy stability issues)...

    Second option: simply have sendmail reject big mail.

    Third option: pay me to sanitize your mail for you. :-)

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